Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Grade: Playing with Liquids

Staying on the water and liquids theme, here are four experiments for the first graders that mostly came from Janice Van Cleave.  She has lots of great books about various science topics.  For these activities I started with some of her ideas and expanded on them.  Again, I set up four tables and had a volunteer at each table to oversee the experiments with the students.  For the liquid density experiment, I would have the volunteer  run the experiment because it could get so messy.  However, the kids love to see all of the liquids poured into one container and see them separate just as they predicted on their data sheets.

These meet the following standards:

Virginia Science Standards

  • 1.1 Scientific Reasoning
  • 1.3 Matter
  • 1.8 Resources

The Next Generation Science Standards

  • K-2-ETS1.1 Engineering Design
  • 2-PS1-1.A Matter
  • KESS3.C Human Impact on Earth

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